Sibahle (we are beautiful)

Confidence does not come from being liked, or loved it comes from your ability to like and love yourself.”

In their own words, two Trans* activists share about their lives, experiences and how they feel about their bodies.


Who am I 

My name is Jane K  I am a Zimbabwean Transwoman based in South Africa. I am an LGBT rights activist.


What I love about my body

I love my face because it is my canvas. I can work on it and give myself the look I want. It is also very feminine looking that makes me happy because I don’t have to worry so much about hormonal treatment. Below is a letter to my body.


Dear Body

I wasn’t always happy with you. I wanted longer legs, a flat tummy, a pair of awesome breasts and yes, at some point I wanted a vagina too. Over the years, you and I have been through a lot, we have braved crippling colds and sicknesses from tonsillitis to STIs. We have survived the excruciating pain of wisdom teeth and injuries sustained in many accidents.

Today, although we have lost some teeth, experience hair loss and live with scars, we may no be as active as we used to be, but we are grateful to be alive.

I have learnt to accept you my body the way you are. Yes, I cannot and may never be able to afford gender affirming surgery, but I refuse to believe my life isn’t worth living or somehow limited because of that.

I love you my body, you may not appear perfect to others but to me, you are beautifully imperfect and I am embracing you.


 My Message for Trans* friends:

Love and Embrace You. Love and live your life, you only have one.





 dare to bare.CG  from Zambia 


“There is nothing impossible because the universe will always protect you from harm.”


Who am I

I am CG I am a transman from Zambia. I am a Transactivist and I am involved in building the trans movement in my country.


My body

My body is God`s work of art. Although I have had my top surgery, I know what it means to be a transman who has no access to surgery, waiting and hoping that one day what you feel inside will one day reflect on the outside.


What  I love about my body

 I love my toned arms and shoulders because that is where my strength lies and where my heart is protected I am safe from the pain of life`s intolerance and hatred.


My message to my trans* friends:

It’s not easy to be in opposition to the world but once you are in line with yourself and understand that you are different because you are special, there is nothing impossible because the universe will always protect you from harm.



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