As activists, we often feel the need to be everywhere doing everything for everyone. The need to be validated by others may lead to self-sacrifice. Although this may seem like a plausible reason to show our commitment and genuine passion for issues and people, it will compromise our wellbeing and ultimately our activism.

Sometimes we dedicate all our time, energy and passions to ensure that our activism efforts yield results and when this fails we may feel overwhelmed, bitter and burnt out, which is why self-care,  learning and knowing when to take a break and when to say NO is necessary.

Self-care should be prioritised and below are some tips on how you can focus more on taking care of yourself so that you can worth and contribute to the movement you are passionate about with a healthy heart, mind and body.

         5 GOLDEN TIPS

  1.  Eat well and sleep well take time to treat yourself well, eat healthily,  prepare your own meals it’s not only cheaper but a healthy alternative.  Get enough rest and sleep, make sure you are not cutting your sleep hours.

    2.  Take some time alone, centre yourself. If you find yourself feeling lonely when you are alone you are in boring company.

    3. Listen to your body. Know your body, be kind and gentle to it.

    4 . Share your emotions spend time with loved ones. Talk about your feelings. Do not hold grudges, the more bitterness and pain you keep inside, the more you hurt and hate. Negative emotions will only weigh you down.

    5. Know when to say Yes or No to people. Taking on too much will lead to piling of work, emotions and may result in conflict with your body as well as others.