Trans motivational speaker and entrepreneur, Neo Sandja


With the new year just unfolding, I’m finding myself in situations that most people would describe as chaos. In fact, this is something I somewhat expected. I knew that 2018 would be a difficult year for many people due to the uncertainty in the political climate worldwide. And it goes beyond that; there is a shift happening emotionally, mentally and spiritually as well, and many people are aware of it on a subtle level in their individual lives.

Before meditating this morning, I questioned my past actions because I was certain that there were steps that I’ve missed; and I questioned my purpose because I didn’t feel that I had all the tools needed to move forward.

When I started meditating, I came to the realization that chaos gives us the opportunity to start over. When we observe chaos -or anything that we don’t want- in ourselves or in others, our first tendency is to judge. This is because we can’t see the bigger picture. We are stuck at our own level of understanding based on our current circumstances and emotional/mental state.

I was shown a circle, that can represent a loop or a cycle. A loop repeats itself until we complete the three steps that I’m about to illustrate. A cycle is the completion of the loop.

To illustrate, the 3 steps are:

1. Ignorance:

Our current awareness (or lack thereof) is limited at the level of understanding of the ego/soul-self. We must understand that we are a piece of a bigger puzzle in order to move to the next step. As Socrates put it “All I know is that I don’t know…”


2. Awareness:

Through meditation, we are able to raise our awareness, operate with our spirit/higher/true-self and observe our ego-self with compassion. We can then judge ourselves and others less because we have a bigger perspective, or a higher view of the puzzle.


3. Change:

When we observe, we are humble enough to know that there are laws even beyond our higher-self. By observing we create less resistance and change happens faster. Observing isn’t passive because it stills requires effort. I see it as a two-ways street:

1) Everything changes: The first flow is the realisation that everything around us changes when we remain still. It’s easier to accept things we can’t control when we realise that the only constant is Love. Not our ego love or our spiritual understanding of love, but the natural law called Love, which is the purest form of energy.

2) I change everything: The second flow is realising that now that we have somewhat of a glimpse of the bigger picture, we know better. Specifically, we know that when we operate solely from our ego-self, it seems as if change happens to us. That’s the chaos. When we operate from our higher-self, we raise our awareness and by doing that we are humble enough to change our mental attitude and our ego-self behavior.

And through change, we close the loop and begin a new cycle of growth.

May we all learn to forgive and find purpose through the purest form of Love.

From my heart,

Neo L. Sandja

Neo is the CEO of FTM Fitness World, host of the world’s only transgender bodybuilding competition. He is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, Business consultant and life coach.

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