From discussions with friends, consultations with allies and family, the idea of  this initiative  was born. A year ago amid pomp and funfair our first copy was released online on this day. It was not and it still isn’t a coincidence that we celebrate the birth of Queerstion on this day which is also Trans day of visibility.

Visibility is a political act, at best it empowers many at worst it awekens hostility but then again silence breeds misery. Today and everyday we celebrate Transdiverse people in all our diversity.

In this second issue dubbed TUPO Swahili for (We exist) we reached out to many Transdiverse people in different parts of the world. From Washington to Harare Transdiverse individuals shared inspiring truths. Trandiverse people from  various backgrounds and experiences  reflect  on visibility,  what it means to them as individuals and in their organising as activists. Sincere appreciation to all who contributed.

To our allies, familes who support and continue to stand with us, we are grateful. To those who do not want to see us, or pretend not to see us, we see you,  we are everywhere, everyday, we exist.(vi finns, tupo,  tiripo!)

Today as we  join the Transdiverse communities across the globe, speaking out against all forms of  injustices and Transphobic violence,  we stand in solidarity  with and remember our  siblings who cant because their  voices are gagged  and threatened by  hostile governments,  repressive laws and  oppressive norms.

We call upon states to observe the human rights of Transdiverse people and societies to respect  and treat Transdiverse people with dignity .

To fellow  Transdiverse siblings let us  continue challenging  the erasure of our voices remembering that there  is no single Trandiverse* narrative we are all valid, we matter and TUPO!




Founding Editor