In unity we trust!



Our community continues to face a unique set of challenges due to the complexity of our gender which often leaves us marginalised even in the collective LGBT+ community.

The challenges we face show that much of society remains divided on gender even as “some” progress is being made in “embracing” the diversity of human sexuality. 

We face humiliation through gendered clothing with some being forced to wear clothing that matches the gender we were assigned at birth. This is often the case at our churches, schools, workplaces or in our homes. Jordan highlights how we often have to be closeted when we are around certain people whose reaction to our gender means a lot to us. Likening us to the Grinch who resented the festive season, she explains that this forced assimilation often leaves us resenting the times we have to hide parts of our identity so we can be with those who are special to us. 

One of our own, Bree Chacha is defying odds and flying the trans flag high as a businesswoman based in Zimbabwe. There are several of us who have managed to venture into the business world. Sadly, there still are many of us who are unable to follow suit with some also struggling to find employment. Landing a job becomes even tougher when one’s gender doesn’t match what their identity documents reflect. This creates challenges for those  wishing to transition medically.  Thus, some Trans people have no option but to  access hormonal treatment through other means, this sometimes create health risks.

In face of all the challenges we encounter , the onus is on us to  remain resilient  and as our visibility grows let us continue to move forward in unity!

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