Healthy body, sound mind

Mental and physical disabilities may sound like  two different things, but they do  go hand in hand. At times they limit us from  doing certain tasks  yet both situations demand that one takes charge.
Exercise, or physical activity is mandatory for everyone, I hear so many people around me saying, “you are so skinny why do you have to go for run?” and similar stuff but the truth is, we all need that alleviated heart rate for minimum of 10 minuets everyday. The drill it brings in your life secures you from big problems like cancer, bad mood, PMS, major back issues, fatigue and depression, helping you build stronger immune system while you are able to lose some fat too.
It is proven that people with disabilities commit more suicides than other’s but it is also proven that people with disabilities doing a bit of exercise each day with determination gives a 180 degree change.
Let’s not say I run around at work so much or kids tire me everyday that is enough workout for me. Make a plan for yourself; prepare yourself for working hard by giving it a good drill. Melting the blockage away just the way fire melts ice. Process might be slow but the change is inevitable.
Take 15 days challenge, dance, run or just brisk walk, pick the time when you are most charged and see those few minuets doing the wonders for your day. You don’t need anyone to give you a motivational speech, the change you want is within you, bring that out by self-motivation.
As an old saying goes: Healthy Body, Sound Mind.

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