Code of conduct

?ueerstion’s  Netiquette. Our  8cs  Approach:

Our engagements are deeply rooted in feminist principles. Our focus is on inclusion and  transforming  silence into action through:

  • Connecting- Leveraging alternative, healthier and secure platforms to network.
  • Creating-Speaking out, being visible and vocal using creating expression as a vehicle to create conversation and dialogue
  • Collaborating-recognising the intersectionalities of our struggles, thus working with each other and not against each other.
  • Controlling- motivating each other to take charge of our lives, our voices, this platform and our narratives.
  • Communicating – to share our stories with each other and the rest of the world in a secure and humane manner.
  • Celebrating –Dancing in our revolution,  realising the strength and beauty in our diversity, struggles and successes.
  • Changing- being proactive by contributing to the rewriting of our truths. 
  • Community building – realising and acknowledging individualities,  differing realities and to be conscious of privileges and vulnerabilities.