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?ueerstion is run by a team of volunteers,  donations are always welcome.

Our aim is not to persuade people to write, rather, we encourage you to contribute! Feel free to send your contributions, requests for interviews, columns, articles, photos, poems, stories, opinion and events. Please note that we are unable to pay for contributions, however, we hope writing or sharing will give you the platform to connect with others and pave way for greater opportunities. You may  also use your articles on other sites but please kindly reference  ?ueerstion magazine.

You can also share our featured articles, spread news about the portal on your social media networks, encourage contributions from your communities as well as give us leads on issues to write about. We welcome feedback, comments, corrections and suggestions. 

?ueerstion is about people and for the people, however, you do not necessarily have to send in images of people or names without consent. In the interest of security, we encourage people to find creative ways of making contributions without placing themselves or others at risk.  Send in contributions  to






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