10 queerstions you should be asking yourself

Life is full of up and downs, sometimes we are so sure what we want, sometimes we are confused about everything. In whatever situation, it helps to be kind to the self.  If the behaviourist viewpoint is anything to go by, then there is value in learning to be good to yourself! Below are some questions that help to check your self-reinforcement.

1. I often think positive thoughts about myself.

2. I frequently meet standards that I set for myself. 

3. I try not to blame myself when things go wrong.

4. I usually do not get upset when I make mistakes because I learn from them. 

5. I can get satisfaction out of what I do even if it is not perfect. 

6.When I make mistakes, I take time to reassure myself. 

7. I do not think talking about what I have done right is too boastful.

8. I do not think I have to be upset every time I make a mistake. 

9. My feelings of self-confidence and self-esteem stay quite steady.

If you agree with most of these statements, you probably have a high rate of self- reinforcement. Self-reinforcement is related to self-esteem and is associated with less depression and greater life satisfaction. 

 (Deventer 213-214)

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