Who is Family.  What is family and makes them family, while collecting stories for this edition we set out to find out the answers to these Queerstions. Listening to and connecting with trans* people from Zimbabwe,  Sweden, to the USA, it was both enlightening and disturbing to note that there is a common thread running through the narratives of Transdiverse people in response to these Queerstions.

For many Transdiverse persons who have been let down, abandoned and violated by their own biological families,  the whole concept of ‘family ‘has a different meaning.What is both inspiring and striking is the zeal and determination evidenced by individuals supporting each other and redefining the traditional notion of family as being only biological and blood.  Through setting up own support networks, self-organising and building solidarity across borders, yet, it is these seemingly small actions that are making a huge impact in various Transdiverse individuals’ lives.

Trans*movements are emerging stronger as more and more people are coming together to create alternative safer spaces to support and motivate each other. Suddenly it feels like, now more than ever, trans people from all corners of the world are radically speaking out and reclaiming spaces across the globe, we are witnessing many Transdiverse people who are taking the initiative to create positive change. Thus, in this edition dubbed Trans- (T-bonds) – we take the time to celebrate  Transdiverse lives, friendships, relationships and connections, be they physical or virtual.

To be alive in a world where we are hated, ridiculed, our existence is criminalised and our bodies are pathologised, it is indeed revolutionary. It is even more radical to be able to love one’s self-let alone support broken others to defiantly speak out against erasure and repression. 

It is not every day that we come across positive Transdiverse stories, every other day the media is awash with news about Transdiverse people being brutally murdered, while others are losing hope and taking their own lives, sadly this is the reality for many Transdiverse people.

While life is not a bed of roses, it is also not all gloom and doom, hence we give light to stories of both pain and pride as individuals confront their struggles.From Uganda to Swaziland we honour the many Transdiverse people who live in hostile environments yet still continue to share their stories and refuse to succumb to hate.  We celebrate the transgender youths from Georgia, who are making efforts to create positive change by supporting other Transdiverse individuals in dire situations

As we celebrate pride, let it be a reminder that  “what lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters, compared to what lies within us.”

Happy Pride!