Pheew! We ran the race, we got to the finish line and we are now at the beginning of  yet another race. It’s a new day, a new-year  a new month.

Every new-year, we come up with resolutions, we make plans to start afresh, to quit things that no longer make sense in our lives and to walk away from those that no longer serve us. A new year is indeed just but a change of a calendar, but at the same time there is everything miraculous about it.  Like a butterfly  tearing it’s cocoon it unleashes a feeling of enthusiasm and a sense of renowned hope because 2017 is gone with all its gains and pains. As we proceed with  this journey, it is important that we  dig deeper into our lives, not only to dwell on the negatives and flaws but also to look for potential.

Recently whilst facilitating a training on revolutionary organising and activist’s wellbeing, a participant argued that for many transdiverse people the idea of self-care appears to be a fallacy, a  privilege that most cannot afford. This experience made me reflect on how often times we are so drawn in our own situation that we forget that there are multiple of realities. It is both daunting and scary taping with the shoulders of power, challenging norms and oppression by  our mere existence and through our activism. We give more and more of ourselves, our time and energy  to movements and for our survival. Everyday is a struggle and a calculated move, this can be both  physically draining and mentally exhausting.  In the midst of all this hullabaloo, the need for self-care cannot be overemphasised. This  is why we dedicated this issue to transdiverse people’s  mental health and wellbeing. We celebrate and share narratives of  transgender people giving others hope to cope through their inspiring journies and work. It is our  hope that this copy finds you in an inspired spirit.

Moving on, my wish for all of us, for you and myself is that wherever we are in our lives, whatever we are facing or planning   that  we get the courage to do what scares us, make mistakes and rise above our flaws. As we continue advocating for change  to right the wrongs,  let love lead the way, show compassion, be there for each other and at the same time take  care of ourselves because the battle is far from won.

This year  ’20-Acing’, is  the year of  revolutionary restoration, give it your all, don’t give up and don’t give in. Remember there is no remote for this life, get up, stand up! change it!