Trans fitness trainer and model reveals training secrets

Iron El…trans*model and fitness trainer El Lye


So  you  have been battling with reducing your chest size,  getting rid of that stubborn fat to give it a more firm chiselled and masculine look ,then you need to  read some of the exercise tips shared by  El Lye  a Trans role model and  Certified PFT personal fitness trainer.


The chest is made up of two muscles that work together to make the chest function. The muscle are the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor. Basically, the pectoralis minor is located directly underneath the pectoralis major. Overall, these chest muscles start at the clavicle and insert at the sternum and the armpit area (humerous).

The upper chest is best stimulated from exercises done on a 30-45% .

The middle chest is best stimulated from exercises done on a flat bench.

The lower chest is best stimulated from exercises done on a 30-45% decline bench.

I find all areas of the chest respond best in the beginning to low (4-6) heavy weight lifting or moderate (8-12) rep ranges. Rarely, I will include higher rep ranges for beginners. I believe the heavier weight helps build a more solid foundation that beginners need. I also find that free weights should be your entire focus in the beginning, especially if chest is a weak point for you. The free weights just develop the chest a lot better than machines do.



I will usually recommend beginner to start with=

#incline barbell bench press 5setx12-8rep

#incline dumbbell fly 5setx12-8rep

#flat bench barbell bench press

# 5setsx12-8reps

#flat bench dumbbell fly 5setx12-8rep

#decline barbell bench press 5setx12-8rep

#decline dumbbell fly 5setx12-8rep

I choose to start with Smith machine on barbell because you don’t need to balancing the bar If you are the beginner. Then you can choose machine as the beginner. After you master the movement then you can use free weight. Until recently  I used to train my chest twice a week  that is on Mondays and Fridays.


 Friday workout

#incline dumbbell chest press 5setx12-8rep#flat bench dumbbell chest press 5setx12-8rep

#flat bench dumbbell fly 5setx12-8rep

#cable crossover 5setx18-10rep

#dumbbell pullover 5setsx12-8rep

#dip with wearing chain (on neck so that can heavier )

# 5setsx25reps


This is a sample guide for those who like to beef up their chest muscle. Should you require more exercises and customised trainings for a fee please see :



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