Innovative Trans* refugees form collective in Kenya

WE ARE HUMAN:  Ugandan Trans* refugees at Kenya’s Kakuma refugee Camp

A group of twenty  resilient Ugandan trans* refugees at Kakuma camp, who  set up a social support, empowerment and wellbeing collective are now appealing to well-wishers for donations to fund their initiative.

In Uganda  they  fled persecution from society and  families  only to find themselves in a worse situation in the Kenyan refugee camp where they are violated, ridiculed and treated as pariahs.

According to Kayondo Rayani who is the  leader of the group called Transgender refugees camp Kakuma initiative,  “The situation is very bad, we face violence,  sometimes we go without food , although we have skills  we cant  even  leave this place to look for work. We wish we could work and be able to provide for ourselves thats why we would also like to have a livelihood project such as making arts and crafts since most of us are good at making such items. We set up this group  because all we have is each other, we share whatever we have.To keep ourselves sane we organise social activities such as netball. We have 13 trans women and 7 transmen in this camp, we are in dire need of food and some of our friends need mattresses to sleep on because they currently sleep on rags on the dusty floors.”

“Our appeal is to well wishers and our siblings  in the global LGBTQI movement to assist us. We are human and also deserve to live as such. Your help will go a long way in assisting us here in the refugee camp. We welcome donations of any kind, those who want to assist us  with cash can use Bank Limit +254743250351 or contact us through our Facebook page :Transgender Refugee Kakuma camp. ”