The Lost Soul

We’re all lost souls, we wonder all our life searching for answers but we never question?

Yes, we do not know the road ahead of us but we all know that the road is not smooth and that we have to walk it alone.

People come and go some might walk with you some don’t, But be thankful to them because they joined you in your journey not everyone has the courage to do so.

And sometimes we just walk even though walk seems like series of falling , and every time we fall that each fall makes us stronger.

And so we’re the lost souls, not in our purest form, not defined yet ,still exploring ourselves, trapped in our own body. agitated with our own thoughts, battling with our own fears and so yes we’re the lost souls.

We should learn to let go , learn to live in harmony it’s the only thing we can do when we’re lost -only justice we can do to our mind, body and soul, Because we’re all lost souls waiting to me meet the divine existence who knows all the answers to our questions.

  -Khadija Tariq