Meal preps to boost your fitness plan

Looking for meal preps that can help boost your fitness journey check out the tips below by Ely Malysian certified fitness trainer, transman and Ronnie Coleman brand ambassador. For more such tips and advise  and inspiration whatever  your fitness goals connect with Ely on Instagram


Sample of lean bulk meal plan
Breakfast =meal1
10 egg whites
half cups oatmeal (dry measure)
One cup of pineapple juice or 1 cup mixed fruit
Protein shake
Snack =
Palm size nuts
Lunch =meal2
8 oz. chicken breast
1 small to medium sweet potato
Post workout =meal3
2scoop whey protein shake+ 4-6 rice cake
8 oz. Chicken breast
2-3 cups cooked pasta or white rice
Meal5 =
Low fat cheese
Half cup Brown rice
Before bed=
Casein protein