The truth about truth

Real talk with Neo L Sandja

Truth can’t be taught, only experienced:

When a soul starts awakening, there’s often a tendency to forget that there are many layers to the illusion like an onion. That tendency + the excitement of the new discovery + the inclination for service to others can often result in the fanaticism/dogmatic/religious ambition to want to convert everyone to our “truth.”

It’s very important for us to remember that all truths are but only half Truth because Truth can only be experienced. As soon as it has to be explained to the Student, it’s a bit (naturally so) tainted with the Master’s perspective of her own perceived experience. There are things (as they should be) that can never be explained in spoken language which can only be seen, felt, Intuitively perceived, experienced and understood. The work of the enlightened one is to shine bright while continuing to grow and to allow others to light their candles without impeding on their own progress.

The old patriarchal way of enforcing change and learning is dying. The Divine Mother is already here and giving birth to a new Earth. By aligning with her Divine compassion, you allow HER to do the work of clearing up the old baggage.

Receive Love.
Be Love.
Send Love.