How i turned passion into my dream business: Malysian Transman

I have always been a sporty person from a tender age . Motivated by my idol mike Matarazzo, I started to workout at the age of 8 . It was during my body building path  that i  also discovered my sexual preference. After few relationships with men and women, I decided to follow the path to being my true self myself. Fortunately for me i had  the full support from my most respected mom, and my family. I also had a strong  support system  of friends and my partner of five years.

In my journey i am noticing that regardless of how we come out as Trans in society  there are always two extremes. There are those who view us as weirdos and then they are  those who respect and are  inspired by Trans people. My life-path is not an  exception from these experiences. It’s been a  bumpy road but I have to thank my Gods. All the challenges i  I face have made me a better and a tougher person.

I started my gym  Muszle Warrior 12 years age. It is open  for all people . My own ‘private training'(pt) sessions aim to help people  to reclaim their bodies, gain confidence  through fitness and healthy lifestyles.

Most times i also approached by Trans people online to assist with advice on workouts, it is always an   honour  to share my experience with them. I know that  as Trans  people we undoubtedly face social stresses and challenges. I however  hope my experiences will be able to inspire and motivate others in their journeys to becoming who they really want to be.

As the Brand ambassador for Ronnie Coleman signature series and Mutant , as well as for a local animal welfare group ‘ Mutts and Mittens’ i have a   partnership  running a  supplement shop. I consider myself very fortunate as I can turn my hobby into career – that is fitness and bodybuilding. In general LGBT issues are still controversial and  Trans issues are even more sensitive in most sensitive  Asian countries and Malaysia is not any different.

There is a difference between social transition and medical transition. At the age of 27,I made this major life decision socially. From Elaine lye it becomes EL LYE. I am not too particular about the use of pronouns people can call me he or she.

My decision to medically transition came after doing a great deal of research. I wanted to be sure I was fully aware of the risks to my health prior to beginning any hormones. I was also curious about what to expect in my appearance. I knew I would grow facial hair and possibly even deal with a receding hairline or male pattern baldness.

I started my hormonal therapy when I was 27 year old, at first  it was partially due to this belief that as a female bodybuilder I would gain  lean mass and at that time this  seemed to be  the only way to start off. However once I had gained a male physique, i gradually  cut down my testosterone dose. In 2016 i took  another major step in my transition and underwent breast reduction,  and for  the second stage i then had peri areola top surgery.

Its important for Trans people and everyone to acknowledge that everyone’s journey is different. Surgical intervention is not a must. As for myself I wanted to be confidently be myself and also be able to  to take off my shirt off at the  beach or when training at my gym.At this moment i must say  I am comfortable with the changes I have made. I am sure that I will not proceed any further to get bottom surgery, i am sure my partner would not want that.

My advice to Trans people who have not done any surgery or who wish not to is that  seeing a therapist or doctor is important. There is also the emotional pain of grieving in terms of the changes in your body, as well as the emotional and financial cost associated with surgery and hormones. I think that a good transgender-knowledgeable therapist or Dr can help make the process better.
If you have access, watch  YouTube videos about the procedures of operation. Most importantly  read and research stories written by other Trans people in their own words.

About me
Name – EL LYE (Elaine lye)
Hobby – play piano
Favourite food– white rice
My possesions – Muszle warrior house of iron and Supplement shop- Fitlion Malaysia

Motivation message: If I want things that others don’t have, I have to do things others wont do.

The craziest thing that I have ever done: Breaking into  a vacant house  to help abandoned dogs and i made  media headlines the next day.

My Sample  bodybuilding meal plan :
Protein: Chicken breast, tilapia, cod, turkey breast, egg whites, protein powders, and lean red meat.
Carbohydrate: Oatmeal, brown or white rice, baked potatoes, yams and sweet potatoes.
Vegetables: Broccoli, green beans, cauliflower, asparagus, spinach, and lettuce.
Healthy fats: All natural peanut butter, almond butter, or extra virgin olive oil are preferred, as are essential fats.


Sample of lean bulk meal plan 

Breakfast =meal1
10 egg whites
half cups oatmeal (dry measure)
One cup of pineapple juice or 1 cup mixed fruit
Protein shake

Snack =
Palm size nuts

Lunch =meal2
8 oz. chicken breast
1 small to medium sweet potato

Post workout =meal3
2scoop whey protein shake+ 4-6 rice cake

8 oz. Chicken breast
2-3 cups cooked pasta or white rice

Meal5 =
Low fat cheese
Half cup Brown rice

Before bed=
Casein protein


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