Unlock Me

I lie in my room

I am filled with emotions.

At the walls, I stare

as white as they are,

as flat as they look

harmless they are

Cruel they don’t look,

but the truth my friend is

I am  locked

I’m limping

I’m low

I’m lamentable

I’m lugubrious,

I’m imprisoned

I’m pressed

I’m pushed down

I’m pushed in

I’m pushed aside

I’m pressured

I’m dejected
I’m despondent
I’m destroyed
I’m disconsolate
I’m dying away.
I’m drowning
I’m depressed

I repeat
The walls I stare
As white as they are
As flat as they look
Harmless they look
Cruel they don’t look
but the truth my brother is

I’m sad
I’m sick
I’m suffocated
I’m sour
I’m sealed up
I’m shut in
I’m spooked

I’m anxious
I’m angry
I’m antagonised
I’m affronted
I’m aggravated

I’m bleeding
I’m crying
I’m tripping
I’m tortured
I’m tempered with
I’m tired
I’m weak
I’m worn out
I’m wasted
I’m weeping

I thought I should be honest with you my sister, you my brother

My fella
My neighbour
My Colleague

I’m living in a prison
I’m locked down in a cell I call a body

I need to be unlocked
Set free
I stay in it wishing to experience what the books label

Could you my brother perhaps unlock me

from the stigma, the hatred,

the patriarchal  mindsets,

the misogynistic mass?

Could you my sister maybe, 

just maybe, unlock me from the misjudgement,

the repression,  the conviction, the incarceration.

Only you my neighbour, my sister, my brother can unlock me from all these chains.
It’s simple
Let me be free
Allow me the chance to be myself
don’t judge
don’t stigmatise me
don’t hold me accountable for my existence
Stop the killing
Stop the disunion
Stop the hatred
Stop the mockery
Stop IT

By: Siya T. Maphanga (FtM) South Africa

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