This Ugandan Transman is a change maker

Trans in Uganda

 My name is Arthur Mubiru a Transgender man from Mukono district in Uganda. I reside in Kampala with my younger brother. I am an LGBTI rights activist, social worker and a  mentor for youths of all sexual orientation and gender identities. I am a graduate from Jinja School of nursing and midwifery where I obtained a certificate in Enrolled comprehensive Nursing. I also practised General Nursing care and practices. Although I have a career in nursing and worked as one for four years,  my passion is in grassroots  Transgender and LGB activism. 

 In 2013 I was appointed a coordinator for the Health and Transgender desk at Freedom and Roam Uganda FARUG,  where I currently also work as the Administrative Officer.  I am a peer educator trained by Most at Risk Populations Initiative (MARPI), and I am also a  community paralegal,  trained by Human Rights Awareness and promotion forum (HRAPF).

I have a passion for public speaking,  and advocacy.  My main area of concern is in engaging with and sensitising societies about Transgender people and our issues. I also focus on sharing information with diverse Transgender persons who face several issues regarding transitioning and gender identity or expression.

It is my hope that people in the Transdiverse communities to once again appreciate the art of creative expression,  be it writing, painting or drawing.  It may seem boring to most of the young generation but my mission is to encourage  LGBTIQ people to express their feelings, ideas and thoughts through platforms such as Queerstion Magazine This is a space for us to work together, amplify our voices and to clearly articulate our thoughts and issues in unity.