Eva from the land of Eden

By Eva Wilhemina 

created by a trans-dimensional experience.

She floated through the air suspended by layers of spiritual beings. Caught by her immense sense of complexity, they carried her on their backs till she regained her strength.

Looking through her newly viewed eyes her vision blurred with previous memories of a life wished unknown. She walks towards the shattered mirror with pieces strategically placed so that she can see herself clearly for the very first time. Suddenly a smile crept across her face lighting up as they surround her glistening body.

She had never seen herself so beautiful, in that moment everything went silent. Touching herself with her lush dark hair to her bouncy bosom, Eva thanked her guardians for protecting her journey transcending the universe above. Standing barefoot in the dressing room Eva got clothed with special magical garments to show her the ones untrue the hearts filled with shade.

Eva’s home on Eden had sent regards and messengers to inform her of her welcoming. Her parents and siblings awaited with anticipation for her new arrival. Eva had been gone for many sunsets while calculating her road ahead, she always knew she had their full support.

Her experiences outweigh her years on Eden, one such episode occurred after a breakdown whereby Eva was attacked by a recurring human-like figure with eyes capturing souls. He would lurk around seeking her weaknesses, Eva vividly recalls his attempts to take her last breath. He would place his dirty hands around her neck. With his unwanted whispers in her ears, repeatedly forcing himself into her body.   It took courage and strength for her to break free and heal her wounds as she went into a deep sleep lasting 365 days.

Looking back now she remembers the tears flowing down her cheeks while bathing in the dim candlelight. The sound of nothing else but her mind racing with thoughts of taking her own life. Eva would clasp her knees towards her breasts while expressing hatred towards her body. Right on the edge, it felt like she could rip open her chest.

Underneath it all subconsciously Eva was brought to life again and again. Evolving each birthday passing in her jailed vessel it felt like an eternity. Throughout her life, she had been called by different names and viewed differently on occasion. Until one day she had the courage to seek help miles away from home.

It is here that Eva encountered beings like herself, free and open to express their utmost joy for life. She immediately sank into herself and started digging out all the buried memories left for dead. She finally believed that it would be possible to live truthfully. On her return, Eva met a man from a rich land filled with gold. From another universe called Arabia where he was a King to many as he painted himself to her. On New-year’s eve, he proposed an arrangement to take care and nurture her hearts desires.

Eva was drawn towards his instant ability to understand her journey he shared details about her existence things he could have no knowledge of. They had a spiritual connection which would transcend decades.

To be continued….