She looks calm and collected, clad in  an all black outfit, she appears fierce and ready to take on the world with her radical spirit. The name  Saga Becker, the Trans* revolution and the LGBTQ movement in Sweden cannot be separated. Queerstion media Editor  Miles Tanhira had the opportunity to interview the Swedish  Transgender actress,role model and  director   of  Something Must Break (2014) for which she was nominated for a Rising Star Award at the Stockholm Film Festival in 2014.  She also won a Guldbagge Award for Best Female Lead Role in 2015. Becker  is  also an ambassador for  Suicide Zero, an organisation  working  to prevent suicide in Sweden.


About  work

My work is political and so is my whole existence,  it is just a part of me i cannot separate my life and  my work.  It is everyday experiences that shape my work and my life. Everything  i  work with or create is about  queer people.  A greater part of my work involves addressing  issues relating to  mental health and  LGBTQ people in society. 


Growing up

I never had role models when i was young because images of trans people in society or media where not a common sight. I want to change that for the youth today, i strive to be that role model  i never had. I use every platform availed to me to represent but also to give my friends who do not have that platform space to be seen and heard.


Why TRANS  representation matters 

If you do not feel represented or seen in a community, you start to question your own existence, you are  invisible and become a  minority. Such a situation breeds isolation, a feeling   that many transgender people get when their voices and images are lacking in the mainstream in society. This is why our stories and voices as transgender people are important to change that landscape.  When we are seen and heard even those that are scared will also get inspiration just knowing they are not alone. When people are inspired they openly speak out and  become more visible,  visibility  saves lives.


On classism, racism in Sweden

These are important issues in our society and even within the LGBTQ community. Sweden  is often portrayed in this  sanitised image  as a  great  country with no transphobia or  racism yet the  reality speaks otherwise. Part of  my perspective in articles i have written is that  it is important to check our own privileges and prejudices and self-reflect on these issues. We all have to be conscious about how racism, classism can affect our movement. We can all do better. 


Experiences of Transphobia and violence

Even here in Sweden Trans* people are scared  of violence in society and even family. Personally i have experienced violence especially when people know who i am or when someone questions if i am male or female.  I constantly  have  to think about how i look or dress depending on where i am going.  I don’t get much violence lately  because  i have also  chosen my safety net,  i hang around people i feel safe with.


Facing fear

I am not afraid, but i am aware of what can happen.  It is exhausting to always  think about being safe, but i have to because  know i can never be 100 percent  safe everywhere all the time.


On Trans Wellbeing 

This is important because being trans is exhausting  you constantly have to think about security, about your health about your life. All  this takes a toll on  your mental health and wellbeing. This is why i am involved in  Suicide Zero  an organisation working to minimise suicide, my focus is on LGBTQ people.


Trans Movement strengthening and collective LGBT organising  

As  Trans* people  we are never  taken seriously within the broader LGBTQ  movement , thats is why we have to  question our position in the movement  and  have to split at some point. Looking at the past, we have seen the erasure of trans voices from  the narrative of the broader LGBT organising yet it was trans people who led the LGBTQ movement since stonewall.  Trans representation is crucial, it  matters.


Inspired to inspire

The  people i come in contact with  say they are inspired by my work. I get the feeling people have been waiting for this, my work  in creating conversations and culture around Trans* issues. This  give me hope ,courage and inspiration to do  more work.


About the Future

I have plans for more artwork and 2018 looks promising,  i miss blogging as i used to for SVT it gives me  the power to freely  express myself on a virtual platform while connecting with various people.



selfie moment..Saga and Miles


Pronoun: She

To relaxI watch game of thrones whole 2 seasons  , music, books cultural stuff

My message: Get in touch with people that inspire you, and also be with the people whom feel you inspire  them.

My dream: I wish i can wake up one day  and not  be political , not have to worry about the  world and all this violence, discrimination , hate and  inequality .  A day when i can just wake up peacefully go about my life calmly and happily.