Trans wellness and leadership retreat in pictures

From 15/18th February 10 Transdiverse activists and LGBQ allies gathered at the Lifeuniversity  in Sweden for the Trans leadership and wellness retreat.

Discussions delved on sharing  personal experiences, building collective consciousness on issues relevant to the Transdiverse refugees , people of colour  movement building in Sweden.

During the wellness session participants discussed  strategies for coping with stress and mental health as  set up a support group.The issue of security was also tackled and ideas were mooted on how to report security incidences as well as on how to  mitigate risks of transphobic attacks.

In a reclaiming media and reframing our narratives session, renowned Swedish photographer Marc Femenia  also took participants through a one day photography and story telling training where participants learnt about using mobile phones to document their struggles. On the 17th participants  also had the opportunity to  go through live online radio making training facilitated by The Bridge Radio from Denmark. The event was in connection with FARE Network football vs homophobia campaign, participants made a mock radio session  sharing about experiences being activists and transdiverse refugees in Sweden .


TRANS is beautiful, Hate hurts end it


Friendship and fun


Work in progress


Radio making session


circle of trust system


We are Family


photography session


In the studio The Bridge radio making session