“Why i set up a Transwomen support group in Eastern Cape, “

As an Activist and visible beacon for Trans diverse individuals in my community both online and physically. I have started a support structure whereby I allow Transgender diverse people to feel safe. Transgender people from rural areas whom may not necessarily have the opportunity to reach assistance. The support group covers topics from transitional processes, mentoring and referrals to necessary healthcare and surgical treatments.

This has become such a personal passion as I transitioned in a time where I was not exposed to other Transgender people. My Transition was alone for the most part, it caused me to develop resilience and strategic thinking to achieve goals I set.
One such goal was to attend a program at The Triangle project, a non-profit organization in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa. On arrival you are met with friendly staff that promote acceptance in particular Mrs Heather (Health & support services coordinator) a kind hearted soul whom has dedicated 25 years of her life to the mission of (TTP).
(TTP) Has a large focus on providing intake assessments: For Transgender people so they may be mentally prepared for both social interactions and physical changes due to (HRT) hormone replacement treatment. People travel through provinces & long distances to this remarkable haven.

Therapy: Is provided by qualified professional psychologists whom from experience showcases unlimited empathy towards the process. Sessions will depend on the needs of the client and follow up will be possible referral to the Groote Schuur Hospital (GSH). A department that caters to healthcare, medical and surgical services for Transgender people.
Shelter and homes: Homelessness within inner cities are thriving, (TTP) does referrals to safe shelters/homes for Trans individuals without any support structure. Unemployment in the Transgender community is still a hardship to overcome even in a country such as South Africa which has legislations supporting equal rights. (TTP) does events and fundraisers to uplift the community and create awareness of the struggles facing Transgender people. I urge anyone who can assist to contact (TTP) on +27 021 422 0255 or Email- health2@traingle.org.za .Volunteers and financial contributions will be gladly accepted.

Healthcare services: Overall health assistance including screenings for HIV,TB, STI and referrals to competent confidential health workers that can assist with health needs. Organization’s such as (TTP) and Gender Dynamix do their utmost best to change views health facilities have towards LGBTIQ people. Still most narratives relay vast discrimination and stigma occurs, which halts appropriate linkage to care. The freedom to access Anti-retroviral treatment in local clinics is imperative to lessen transmitting the virus and HIV/AIDS related deaths by 90/90/90.
Outreaches: (TTP) does media coverage on issues affecting the community at large even exposing court cases that may not reach the light due to marginalized groups not being of importance. Supporting family and friends of Transgender victims not to give up hope. Transgender people should not die in vain today.
I applaud the girls i work with  for their courage and ability to live truthfully here is what they said about the meeting space.
“When I went to (TTP) I was so anxious at first, when I went into the building the staff were all warm and friendly. They had treated me respect as a Transgender woman, I started to adjust to the environment and it has become like a home. I would like to go to (TTP) every single day”Anoechka Evalynn Smit.

“The staff were very nice and welcoming, they truly helped me a lot. I received feedback within a week from visiting and I would be accepted into the (GSH) Transgender clinic, they made the process so comfortable for me”Kim Fouldien.

“Everyone at the project that day was so at peace and friendly, you can’t help but feel at home. I love the manner of professionalism we as LGBTIQ people receive at the Triangle projectt”. Isabella Louw.

We as a Queerstion family would like to extend our gratitude towards (TTP) for their tireless work and dedication to improving the lives of Trangender people in South Africa even foreign nationals.