Meet the Ugandan transman spearheading change

Names: Mulucha Jay
Country: Uganda
How do you identify

 Challenges being  Trans person living in Uganda
– Trans people face  discrimination and are exposed to transphobic violence and discrimination  especially   in schools, church, health service centres, sports, family, workplaces and others.

Coping in a hostile environment
I live my authentic life  and  do not hide who i am . I also  try to do a  lot of good things in my society this has helped me change people’s perspectives about me.   To increase knowledge of Trans issues  I also conduct sensitisation trainings for service providers as well as  engage communities  in discussions on sexuality and gender identity.

I also contribute to the Trans community through participation in  support groups where we share a lot of coping mechanisms and  ideas to help  improve our lives it is important to have a support system as well as having access to Trans friendly health services.   It helps me a lot to  share my challenges with people who I know can relate and can also advise me. I also like to engage in sport for my wellbeing.

Fruits of activism work

The sensitization work that we do as activists is yielding positive results as we now see a shift in mindsets and behaviour of some health service providers towards LGBTQI especially Trans people.

I am most proud of
My young sister, my partner and myself for the work  that I do.

My Work
I am the Executive Director of   Fem Alliance Uganda an LGBT organisation  I am also on the board of ILGA world .I also run a small family business with my partner.

I want to be more vocal and educate both the people around me and  the broader society  about LGBTI issues in order to create positive change in the world.

 If  i  had one wish
It live in a world where LGBTQ people  do not have to ask for acceptance, we just live our lives the way we are. We would not be judged because of who we sleep but rather by character or contribution to society

I am inspired by
The appreciation i get from  people whose lives i have  impacted through my work,  this motivates  and keeps me strong

Message to Trans people
This is who we are and it will never change, let’s join hands and push for equality, acceptance and understanding. There’s nothing in this world that has no solution, so never give up, work for progress.