5 steps to creating your own style

Fashion has become much more than a decoration of the body, no longer just a cover to weather and terrain. Throughout the centuries fashion has changed how we look at each other in terms of wealth and status. Though not always accurate that’s how people seem to grade others. Now more than ever many people have started to understand how complex it is to dress one’s body.

Fashion designers are creating accessible and flexible trends that appeal to a wider audience. There are many options to choose from. Whether you can buy from the shop or make your own clothing,  there is every reason to dress in attire that makes you look and feel good. Fashion can be liberating, and in some instances, it is through fashion that as Trans people we get to be recognised in societies as  fashionistas or fashion role models. Having a personal style in modern day society can easily be described as a blessing and a curse,  ultimately we are all individuals and feel the need to express our identity through our dressing.

Although many individuals try and adopt a style  that fits in with trending fashion,  character and personality play a great role in pulling off an authentic personal style.Below are some tips  to consider when  creating  your own personal style.

Creating a perfect personal style:

  • Create a mood board with everything that inspires you from textile samples to magazine cut-outs. Whatever inspires you!
  • Head into your local stores and try on items that attracts your attention but also try on the ones you would least gravitate towards.
  • Mirror, mirror on the wall that will be your best friend in assessing your perfect personal style.
  • Adapt your personal style to your everyday lifestyle, not interfering with how you are wanting to be perceived.
  • Go out in the world with confidence nothing beats a self-assured person.

All designers have ideas and concepts about what current style trends should be for the particular seasons, finding on-trend items are made so easy for consumers. Fashion inspires people to step out of their comfort zones by transforming them into the best possible version of themselves. Trend forecasters are known to be very selective in what appears on the catwalks and it may not always be suited for everybody.

Buying garments that are trend based can be daunting but if you focus on key items such as accessories and shoes to mix with your own solid items in your wardrobe at home you will find dressing on trend easy. Transitioning from season to season with your existing wardrobe is budget friendly and there is nothing wrong with adding seasonal trend items as you go along.

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By  Queerstion writer /co- Editor, Eva Wilhelmina,  a South African based  Fashion design graduate.  Eva is an LGBTIQ activist and a  creative being dedicated to equal rights and freedom of expression for all.


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