Hands Off Our Genitals: Botswana’s Trans and Intersex Folks Tell Legislators

By Bofelo Sparks  Members of Rainbow Identity Association (RIA) in Botswana are embarkingon one-on-one meetings with members of Parliament and councillors, withthe aim of unpacking their “Hands off our genitals” campaign. The campaign aims to […]

Trans* narratives featured in Draw or Die exhibition

“I was frustrated that trans* and marginalised people’s  narratives weren’t getting the platform they needed and that provoked me to make the work that I do,” says  Sweden artivist Rudy Loewe. Queerstion Editor Miles Tanhira interviewed […]

5 steps to creating your own style

Fashion has become much more than a decoration of the body, no longer just a cover to weather and terrain. Throughout the centuries fashion has changed how we look at each other in terms of […]