Healthcare, What Health? What Care?

By Jordan Chanetsa Blood clots, liver problems, breast cancer, etc. These are just some of the risks associated with taking government-approved birth control pills. These pills were created to provide women with a hormonal contraceptive […]

Access to healthcare a pipe dream for Zim Transpeople

HARARE – Transgender people in Zimbabwe who wish to transition lack access to gender-affirming healthcare and hormone therapy. This gap is rooted in institutional transphobia and has worsened in recent years as Zimbabwe’s economic malaise […]

Public transport: A Nightmare for Trans people

By Tanaka Musa Travelling on public transport can be quite daunting for transgenderpeople, especially those who don’t pass as cis gender and/or live in areas where transphobia is rife. Using public toilets is alsoa challenge […]

Hands Off Our Genitals: Botswana’s Trans and Intersex Folks Tell Legislators

By Bofelo Sparks  Members of Rainbow Identity Association (RIA) in Botswana are embarkingon one-on-one meetings with members of Parliament and councillors, withthe aim of unpacking their “Hands off our genitals” campaign. The campaign aims to […]