Hands Off Our Genitals: Botswana’s Trans and Intersex Folks Tell Legislators

By Bofelo Sparks  Members of Rainbow Identity Association (RIA) in Botswana are embarkingon one-on-one meetings with members of Parliament and councillors, withthe aim of unpacking their “Hands off our genitals” campaign. The campaign aims to […]

Still we rise!- Zimbabwean Trans* activists

..as  more Trans  and Intersex groups emerge Queerstion  Magazine QM interviewed  Tinashe Sande TS  the leader of Trans Intersex Rising TIRZ a  movement building initiative by and for transdiverse Zimbabweans at home and in the […]

The horrors of being an Intersex person in Zimbabwe

My mother gave birth to tripplets , all I know is  my two brothers were fortunate enough to be taken home and i  stayed behind because i was abandoned in the same rural hospital. I am […]

We are seeds

Transdiverse people are both inspired and affected by various circumstances in our lives.  Every day is a struggle,  many of us continue to succumb to hate crimes,  most of us are wallowing in abject poverty […]